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Chelsea Sculpture Park is a proposed annual art exhibition program on the banks of the Hudson River Park in the Chelsea Art Gallery District. The rotating exhibition program will take place in Chelsea Cove located between West 22nd and 26th Streets within approximately 9.2 acres of magnificent surroundings. Chelsea Sculpture Park will serve as a permanent anchor to the art galleries and a natural expansion of the "Art Gallery District."

Conceived to achieve the highest standards of excellence, the exhibition program has three fundamental goals: to document the artistic history of New York City, to honor the artists of the post-1945 generation and beyond who have contributed in establishing the art's community and to foster and preserve our city as the nexus of the art world. Chelsea Sculpture Park will be New York City's first museum without walls.

Art Advisory Council


Mr. Charles Cowles and Mr. David McKee, Chairmen


Ms. Joanne Arbuckle

Mr. Lawrence B. Benenson

Mr. John Cheim 

Mr. Sandro Chia

Ms. Betty Cunningham

Mr. Richard Desroche

Ms. Helen Donahue

Mr. Gilbert S. Edelson

Mr. Alfred F. Gerriets II

Mr. James Goodman

Ms. Marian Goodman

Ms. Rhona Hoffman

Mr. Antonio Homem

Mr. Sean Kelly

Mr. Pierre Levai

Mr. Robert Mann

Mr. Howard Read

Mr. Tony Shafrazi

Mr. Ronald Sosinski

Ms. Sharon L. Ullman

Mr. Adam D. Weinberg

Ms. Angela Westwater


Mr. Deley Gazinelli, Executive Director

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