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Exhibition Program

Only at Chelsea Sculpture Park you are destined to find exhibitions in a spacious and natural setting featuring historical significant works created by the great masters who have contributed to the evolution of art in New York City and in the world. Conceived to achieve the highest standards of excellence, the rotating exhibition program has three
fundamental goals: to document the artistic history of New York City, to honor the artists of the post-1945 generation and beyond who have contributed in establishing and preserving our city as the nexus of the art world, and to help further the accessibility of fine art in public spaces.


Post World War - Master Sculptors

The exhibitions will feature examples of the most exceptional outdoor sculpture created by the masters of the Post World War II period and beyond. Emphasis will be placed on each individual artist's creative achievements and historical relevance. These artists with a broad range of cultural and aesthetic backgrounds are recognized for having made an impact in the field.

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